Moving to the Wayne area?

Relocating to a new area is fraught with enough problems, without considering the daunting task of searching for a home plus finding a Realtor who will take the time to identify your needs with one goal of finding you the best home for your family. At Pashman Realty & Management Co., LLC, we understand this.  Our team is comprised of dedicated Agents with a successful history of finding buyers the right home by following a refined process to help get you straight to the properties you need to see.

When relocating, you won't have the luxury of looking at every conceivable area listing. Our responsibility is to identify the best prospects that suit your needs shared in the initial discussions.

Some advice that we can pass along at the start of this adventure would be:

Relocated to the Wayne area with Pashman Realty & Management Co., LLC as your agent - (973) 904-0149
  • Before leaving town, arrange your "needs" into one list. Then in another, list the things you simply "want".  When a property doesn't  meet your needs, it's one less house you need to see.
  • Know your budget. If you plan to get a home loan, secure your pre-approved amount prior to seeing listings so we can eliminate homes beyond your price range.
  • Take into account drive time to work or other interests. Local traffic in the Wayne area could be different than what you're used to, so you will need to tell us how much time you're ready to spend traveling each day.

Identifying some basic information for us will enable us to send you some top recommendations prior to your arrival.  Or if you've got a list of properties in mind, let me know what you've found. While virtual tours and photos are great, there's nothing like seeing homes in person.  With proper planning we can then schedule any appointments with other Realtors or homeowners and map a route maximizing the use of your time to see as many houses as possible in a single day.

Our goal is to see to it that by the end of your trip, you can be relieved to know you're on the right track to finding the best home for your family. Call us today at (973) 904-0149 to launch your home search.


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