Pashman Realty & Management Co., LLC

Company Profile

With deep roots and a proven track record in the Passaic County real estate community, Bill Pashman formed this boutique real estate firm in 1986. With a solid reputation, Bill was committed to addressing the growing needs of the local commercial business community in the ever-changing and exploding Township.

Specializing in commercial property development, sales and leasing, office complexes sprouted up throughout Wayne and surrounding towns. Management of office buildings and office condos was soon added to the list of real estate services. The firm became known for providing sound knowledge of the local market-place; personal service and integrity in the representation of client’s needs and utilizing local talent both in the office and in the operation & maintenance of properties under management.

Through the years, "Pashman Realty" became a part of the local Wayne landscape and has been a recognized name among its relevant constituencies. The expanding client base was built the "old fashioned way", by word of mouth and loyalty.

Who We Are Today

Relocating to our current location in 2007, the expanded offices were designed with a focus on a warm, casual environment to redirect the manner in which we engage with our clients.

We continue to recruit, develop, train and retain a high caliber of individual who can maintain standards of conduct consistent with Pashman's original principles of integrity and a focus on strong customer service on which the firm was built. Our representatives are all seasoned individuals with proven records of customer satisfaction and success.

As a full service real estate brokerage and property management firm with extensive historical experience, we continue to offer a wide range of comprehensive real estate services and solutions to address the challenges of the changing economic marketplace.

We emphasize the individuality of each client and tailor our services accordingly to address the related needs.